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The House of Fabienne Chapot

Imagine a house where the colours are deeper and richer, where the patterns are intricate and almost alive. A home to women who recognize each other in the strength of their mind, their heart and their sense of humour. A place for laughter, adventure and creativity.

Welcome to the House of Fabienne Chapot.

Fabienne Chapot - CEO, on what kind of women wear her pieces.

‘’The strength of the woman who wears Fabienne Chapot is the power of her femininity – always matched by the strength of her convictions. She dreams big, she dreams bright – and she does live that dream. Whatever adventure that may be, she is the captain of her ship. Her strength rests in her mind, her heart, her sense of humour. She doesn’t take life too seriously, but she lives with intent. It’s all about mindset. I enjoy the thought of our collections having a universal appeal, regardless of a clients’ age or background.’’

Purpose and beliefs

This brand has been built by a woman following her heart, trusting her intuition – and daring to dream big. And doing so by building a team of like-minded, strong people around her. This essence comes back in our designs and the women who wear them.

Fabienne Chapot believes in inspiring all women to feel their best. Best about themselves and the way they look.We dare women to dress a bit more outspoken, through a strong use of colour, print and details. Boldly feminine - and always highly wearable.We view clothing not as a superficial layer - but rather a symbolic one. A layer that sends a message of intent - and transforms the ordinary, turning everyday life into an adventure.

Dare to be bold.

Dare to be feminine.

And most of all…dare to imagine

The story of our collections

Our collections are brought to life by our Creative Director, Sophie van Bentum. From an early age she had a keen interest in vintage movies, which are still an infinite source of inspiration to her today. Every collection starts with a story that plays in Sophie’s head. She envisions scenes and from there sets up the moods and colour schemes. Every collection consists of various themes, each representing a scene and altogether telling the story. This cinematic approach is also applied to our campaigns, we like to create images that almost feel like a film still from a vintage movie.

Our collections receive praise for the specific use of colours and prints. Our colour schemes often combine mid-tones with high tones, creating a certain tension. This expresses itself mostly in our prints, which play a big role as they tell the stories of our collections. We always look for new ways to create print. They are always evolving, we love to inflate or experiment with layers and techniques. All prints are made inhouse. They always start with a brush, even most of our graphic prints start with a pen or brush and are never made by computer.  

Sophie van Bentum, Creative Director. On the feminine silhouette.

 “In the current zeitgeist, where women finally raise their voices, I believe in the need for a strong feminine silhouette. After a long period of minimalism and as a counterpart to the high that streetwear is currently experiencing, I feel the need to create designs that celebrate the female body, to make women feel beautiful and embrace their bodies. It’s also a strong part of me personally. I’ve worn skirts and dresses since I was little, even when it wasn’t cool. Fifteen years ago, I started trading vintage design pieces and kimonos from Japan. All very feminine. You still see those influences in our collections.”

We present six international collections a year, Fall/Winter, Festive, Winter, Spring/Summer, Summer and High-Summer. The main collections comprise of approximately 145 styles and the remaining collections of 40 styles. All collections are complemented by a selection of shoes, bags and accessories.


Fabienne Chapot started her eponymous brand under the name of Fab. in 2006. The brand was born and raised in Amsterdam, where our headquarters is still based today. The brand started as an accessory brand, mainly focusing on bags, shoes and accessories. Fabienne’s vision of adding a bold and colourful twist, to the at that time rather grey- and black toned accessory spectrum, quickly caught on. In 2012 Sophie van Bentum joined the company. In 2016 Fabienne and Sophie decided to rebrand the label and launch a ready-to-wear collection. Sophie took on the role of Creative Director, bringing a strong dose of femininity. Fabienne, as CEO, focuses fully on the strategy and growth of the company.

The bold and colourful brand DNA that cemented the success is still at the core of our business today, albeit in an evolved, more matured and feminine way.


Sustainability is high on our agenda. We realize we operate in a business with a huge imprint on nature and nurture. We have recently signed the Convenant Duurzame Kleding en Textiel (covenant sustainable clothing & textiles). Together we look at subjects we care about, like working conditions, climate change and animal welfare. We already do really well in these areas, but we always strive for improvement. Our factories are all BSCI certified and we visit them frequently to make sure they meet our standards. Since 2018 we only use recycled materials for our packaging. Our collections are made of almost all-natural materials and we’ve joined the Better Cotton Initiative. These smalls steps combined start the change we would like to see in our industry and to which we are dedicated, now and in the future.