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The collection brings you timeless wardrobe staples that breathe the Fabienne Chapot DNA. Classic prints are reinvented with playful and surprising details. Wrap yourself in our most-loved feminine pieces that you will happily wear for years to come.

  1. Pied de Horse
    € 159,99

    Pied de Horse

    Fabienne Chapot ‘s own version of the classic Pied de Poule. Inspired by the work of the Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Esher, known for his stunning visual playfulness with infinity and symmetry. This playful black-and-white print symbolizes freedom and an adventurous spirit. It comes in our beloved timeless silhouettes, the Natasja dress, Bobo skirt, and our Lily blouse. Turn your gaze to all things monochrome.

  2. Blouse
    € 129,99
    € 139,99
  3. Blouse
    € 129,99
    € 139,99
  1. Blouse
    € 129,99
  2. Blouse
    € 139,99
  3. Blouse
    € 129,99
  4. Starry night
    € 99,99
    € 139,99

    Starry night

    We find ourselves longing for pieces that we can wear no matter the season. Therefore, we’ve selected our sartorial stars and elevated them with playful details. These classic two-toned star prints hint back to the early Fab years. Pick the white base to effortlessly uplift your look. Or go for one of our shine-infused numbers with golden details to make you feel like you danced through stardust.

  1. Timeless Hearts
    € 139,99

    Timeless Hearts

    Wear your heart on your sleeve with our heart embroidered tops. This collection is made for the season and beyond.

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