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About Us

We are here to brighten up wardrobes!

We are Fabienne Chapot, a fashion brand born and raised in Amsterdam. We favour in-house designed prints, rich colours, feminine tailoring and quirky details. We have a soft spot for good stories and a positive approach.

Fabienne started her eponymous brand under the name of Fab. in 2006. The brand started as an accessory brand, mainly focusing on bags, shoes and accessories. Her vision of adding a bold an colourful twist to the at that time rather grey- and black toned accessory spectrum, quickly caught on. In 2016 she decided to rebrand the label and launch a ready-to-wear collection. The bold and colourful brand DNA is still at the core of our business today. 
We launch 6 collections a year and our items are sold in almost 1.000 point of sale worldwide, our webstore and 5 brand boutiques.

We believe in inspiring all women to feel their best. Best about themselves and the way they look so they can be who they want to be and perform to the fullest in life.

Acts of courage

We do not follow the crowd. Not for the sake of standing out, but because it feels right. We admire brave souls who challenge the status quo.

Vintage inspiration

The past is our infinite source of inspiration. Vintage movies, collector’s items and iconic women from the earlier days are always the starting point for our collections.


We value artistry and craftsmen. We try to include this as much as possible in our production chain.  All our prints are made in-house. They always start with a pen or a brush, never made by computers.